About Us


Bethlehem Lutheran Church is a community of believers whose goal is to expand His kingdom by spreading the Good News about Jesus. As part of our renewal process, we have written out our Mission, Vision, and Core Values to help us focus our efforts:

  • Mission: To share Jesus and together live for Him.

    • The Mission of Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church begins with the witnessing event. Through the life changing work of the Holy Spirit, Bethlehem equips its members to “share Jesus” in all facets of life. The collective ministries of Bethlehem provide maximum opportunities for faith sharing. The members of Bethlehem acknowledge that our responsibility to new Christians does not stop with the witnessing event. Bethlehem is blessed to focus its efforts on fostering Christian spiritual growth among its members and friends, helping all to become stronger disciples of Jesus, looking forward to eternal life.
  • Vision: Powered by the Holy Spirit, we learn, grow, care and share Jesus.
    • Through the Word and the Sacraments the Holy Spirit helps us to learn and grow in faith as individuals, and as a church and school. Devotions, relevant Bible studies, meaningful worship, gifts of thankfulness, and frequent prayer–on our own and as a group–help us to discover common goals, difficulties, solutions, and ways to love and serve each other. Then, through the strength of the Holy Spirit, we share the faith, hope, and love we have in Jesus to everyone possible in every way possible.
  • Core Values:
    • Growing in a relationship with God
    • Learning about Jesus (Discipleship / Education)
    • Caring relationships
    • Sharing Jesus (Evangelism)

Learn more about us by meeting our Pastor and our Church leaders, or looking at what we believe, what we do, and where we’ve been. When you’re all done, stop by and introduce yourself in person–we’d love to meet you!

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